Integration Steps

Step 1: Add ChatFly to Microsoft Teams

Click here to seamlessly add ChatFly to Microsoft Teams.

Step 2: Open Microsoft Teams

Upon clicking the link, the screen prompts you to choose your preferred usage mode for Microsoft Teams (whether you already have it downloaded or prefer using the web version). Microsoft Teams Usage Mode

Step 3: Add the Bot

After successfully logging into Microsoft Teams, you’ll receive a code line structured as: @bot-id:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. Press “Send” to complete the integration process. Bot Integration Code

Step 4: Completion

Congratulations! The integration process is now complete, and you can start engaging in conversations with your chatbot. Integration Complete

Explore More

Enhance your Microsoft Teams experience with ChatFly:

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  • Interactive Commands: Discover and utilize interactive commands for a more dynamic chatbot interaction.
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Now, elevate your Microsoft Teams communication with the power of ChatFly!